Teaching Reviews

Selected Teaching Feedback 

From Physics 120 (Advancing Physics 1- Calculus-Based), Sem211ester 1 2017 at the University of Auckland… for the Pilot Semester of Studio


“Quick-check questions, especially with discussion among the group and when the teachers were “floating” to join in discussion and contribute ideas/ask questions. This teacher is extremely approachable, very aware of the way she explains things, and really inspiring.”

“Dr Foote was very approachable, amiable, positive and rapid in her responses to questions, queries and issues both in person and by email.”

“Thank you for a great semester, I’ve very much enjoyed this course. It’s helped me to realise that understanding is more important (and enjoyable) than learning formulas :)”

Course Feedback:

“Tutorial/help sessions, pre-flights (especially videos), small group problem-solving, additional test practice questions, videos played before the start of class for those of us who arrive early! I love how changes were made to the class along the way – I appreciate that this is a new format and I think that the sensitivity the teachers have to the learning experiences of students is to be applauded. I will recommend this class to everyone. Keep it up!!!”

“The new format is interesting and intellectually stimulating. MasteringPhysics, whiteboard exercises, clicker questions, etc were all useful tools and ask really thought provoking questions. The assignments are a good opportunity to learn how to communicate knowledge and understanding”

“Although I’m not so much of a person to be social and work in groups and share knowledge, this was a great course that is out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it more then I thought.”

“The style of learning in a small group environment was helpful for me personally as I could learn physics by learning from my peers and practicing questions from the online resource. I would highly recommend this style of learning rather than staying in a 1 hour lecture where I take irrelevant notes which don’t help me put them into action.”

“Be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone- this course can be frustrating but it’ll teach you more than just content- it teaches you how to interact with others and engage in critical thinking”